Copper coated versus non-copper coated tig filler

March 9, 2012, Pittsburgh, PA. Below is a little responses on your most usual concerns:

What’s the manage this copper layered cut size TIG welding filler material?

There actually is an objective for the “flash copper covering”, which is to enhance the electrical conductivity through the MIG gun pointer. Past that, it doesn't really have much feature, although it does give some degree of anti-rust defense. Does it create contamination to my weld?

No, the copper coating will not create you troubles. Nevertheless, the hydro-carbons and also surface pollutants that can be discovered on copper covered cord can trigger contamination. The means to get around this is to constantly clean your filler material with acetone to remove all surface pollutants. In some cases the MC grade will certainly also have a classification at the end of a specific number call-out that specifies “VM” which represents “Vacuum Melt”, and very high dollar expenses. Corroded fillers will develop porosity as well as typically small micro-cracks can develop thus developing a suspect weld. There is also a large rate charge for the vacuum cleaner thaw grade. Mister TIG

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