Get best quality guar gum splits from the leading agro exporter in india

Guar Cultivation: Guar Split is the refined endosperm obtained from Guar seed called as non-ionic Polysaccharide Galacomannan. Each guar husk has approximately 6 to 9 little pea shaped seeds with grayish white color. Rajasthan is the best manufacturer of Guar divides in India producing about 35 thousand tones. India generates almost 6 to 7. 5 lakh tons of guar each year which is about 80 % of the total world production. Indian Guar Splits are of fantastic value in the worldwide market. According to the refining degrees of Guar splits, the utility level varies. The powder kind is graded according to the quality as well as granulation dimensions. The bulk bags of Guar splits are in the type of 450kgs, 750kg and also 1000kgs.