Rat rods

A “Rat Rod” is not a Hot Rod or a Road Pole and also it’s for sure not a “Traditional Pole” there’s a massive difference between them all! Traditionals are purpose constructed makers with an extremely distinct look and also style a Rat Pole is totally various. Racers can actually imply anything that been energized. Very first points very first allows discuss just precisely where “Rat Pole” comes from. A” True Rat Rod” is built from anything that can be utilized! You were gon na need to come up with clever ways of obtaining your ride repaired as well as your household back on the road again, unless you had some money which most didnt. Folks shared components, welded components, taped as well as glued parts and even hand made things as they took a trip. By the time people showed up they were driving all kind of makes and models held with each other as best they could with whatever they owned strapped to it.